Vergenix™STR for Soft Tissue Repair

The Vergenix STR device is intended for the treatment of tendinopathy by promoting healing and repair of the tendon injury and is targeted for a variety of tendons: tennis elbow, rotator cuff, hand tendons, patellar tendon, ACL and Achilles tendon.

The Vergenix STR device is a matrix made of rhCollagen, which, when combined with autologous Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP),  forms a scaffold in the vicinity of the tendon injury site that allow PRP to activate the platelets.

Vergenix STR key attributes:

  •  combines and retains PRP for stimulating soft  tissue repair
  •  promotes tendon healing
  •  adheres to the defected tissue and keep retained to the injury site.   consists of an rhCollagen scaffold with adjusted degradation rate, to enhance cell proliferation, provide stability and synchronize degradation with the formation of new tissue